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Crispy Zombie Productions

By Pixie LLC’s horror division is known as Crispy Zombie Productions. Specializing in horror TTRPG’s, Card Games, and collectibles.


Crispy Zombie Productions is actually where we fist started building properties with an online presence. After launching a very indie RPG, Card Game, and many supplements we put further projects on the back burner. Coming soon is 2nd Edition Director’s Cut TTRPG as well as shirts, stickers, books, and more using the art of Driector’s Cut. We hope to launch the new website and product line in late 2023.

Current Products

Director’s Cut 1.5 Edition is still available on Drive Thru RPG.

You and your friends are trapped in a horror movie with nowhere to go. Only one of you will survive. Will it be you? Your friends will try to beat you as you move through the movie one card at a time.

Game includes 254 cards

All Cards Feature Full Color Gory Photographs

Each player gets a 50 card expandable deck and an archetype to play with. A 50 card scene deck is included with the game!

Each Player must have their own 50 card deck and archetype to play. This is every card in print for the Zombie Hospital Movie and contains enough cards for four players

  • Director’s Cut Survival Horror 2nd Edition
  • Horror Shirts
  • Horror Stickers
  • Updated Movies for 2nd Edition
  • A New Re-designed DCRPG website
  • New Character Graveyard