Items shown below may not be available in our online shops and are just indicitive of types of items we sell.

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Selling high quality vintage, collectible, and great deal items is one of our passions. We have been selling online for years. We currently have all items available on Ebay, Etsy, and Mercari.

Since 2005

Keep Items Out Of Landfills

The typical U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing a year. (Forbes)

By reselling gently used clothing at rock bottom prices By Pixie tries to do its part in keeping textiles out of the landfill.

Vintage Paper Items should be perserved not dumped

From postcards to Lisa Frank folders and everything in between vintage paper items below with collectors who will enjoy them, not tossed in the trash.

Found Treasures from Vintage to Pop Culture are great prices.

Collectors are always looking for a good deal whether they are collecting Funko Pops or Vintage Fenton glass. In our exploration we find all kinds of stuff and get it at good enough prices to pass the deals on to our customers.

What We Do

We buy

Pawn shops have been doing it for years but many offer pennies on the dollar for items of value. We buy everything from single items to whole estates, left over items from garage sales, and any place else that is known to put items into the resale industry.  We pay fair values on all items and very rarely haggle for a lower price. We pride ourselves on honest business dealings and this includes when we buy.

We Clean and Repurpose

All items we deal with are then maticouslly cleaned or restored. Sometimes such as weith antiques, this requires very little as patina adds to value in antiques. Items that we find have quality issues we repurpose into art or other usable mediums. Nothing we source is put into the garbage EVER. It makes no sense for us to do so when one of our missions is to keep things out of landfills.

We Research

We handle all kinds of items every day. Part of our business is to learn everything we can on an item. We spend a lot of time researching and learning about where an item comes from, how it was made, any history of the item/company who made it, and presenting that information to our shoppers. Anytime we have information on an item that is pertinant to that items value we include that information in the shipment at no extra cost to our customers.

We Sell

We list all items for sale on Ebay at competitive prices. We also post vintage items, jewelry, and craft supplies on our Etsy stores. Mercari rounds out our sales platforms. When something sells on one platform if it was also available on one of the others those items are autimatically removed so that we do not run into the issue of selling something twice. Prices vary on the websites because of what websites charge for fees. Ebay is the go to source to see everything in one place.

We Ship

We recycle as much shipping materials as possible. When we can find quality used shipping supplies we keep ourselves stocked up on them. We recycle boxes when we can as well. We carefully package every item at above industry standards and ship within 24 hours on any purchase made Sun-Thurs. Items sold on Fri & Sat go out with Monday’s mail. We ship according to the multiple options available to customsers. Sometimes we include a free gift! We always ship with tracking.