Every D20 Has A Story To Tell

Wild Lil Gamers

We developed the concept of Wild Lil Gamers in 2016. It was put on the back burner as our other projects always seemed to keep us too busy to take the leap. Covid times put my business in a very hard place as many of my clients had to close up shop during shut downs leaving me with a lot of time on my hands. I decided it was time to bring Wild Lil Gamers to life. Much love has gone into each character that will be presented in this shop. Each character has a story, some are based after family pets that we have lost along the way, some are based on characters that we love that we have played in our own games. There will be many art styles for each character as well as special collectible editions. I am working hard at building this brand and I have so many plans for the future. Check out the Wild Lil Gamers

An Entire Catalog Coming Soon! As well as a new website. Watch This Space or Visit WLGAMERS.com for current products.